After the woodworking stage comes the litho stage. The center-wing has a lot of detail and a lot of rivets! It is the same process all over again. Draw, template, cut, rivet, heat, glue.
After a lot of work the underside looks like this. Parts of this will be painted light grey as is the original. Some details will be added later.
On a nice sunny day I took the lady out for a walk. She looks so much better in natural light. From some angles it looks almost real.
                                                                                                                                     The engine was made from an Aerotech dummy and a Williams and Sons bag of leftover parts of the same scale. I made a second ring of cylinders behind the first fitting all kinds of plastic parts together. The wiring to the spark plugs was made out of steel wire. These were stuck in drilled holes in the grey circle and glued to the back with epoxy. I made an shaft that will hold the propellor. I tried to make the props spin electrically but there was not enough room and the motor overheated after only 3 minutes. The props are to heavy to turn that way. A pity but what can you do?
Below are pics of the original plane on the left side and pics of the model on the right.
I know it isn’t 100% perfect, but I am pleased with the result so far.
Next came the air intakes for the engines. These are made out of a single piece of aluminum. I wanted the same. Not an easy task.
What I did was make a model out of wood, heat a piece of litho to it’s limit and beat the living daylights out of it. After a lot of banging and 2 waisted efforts. the piece came out pretty good.
The propellor is also from Aerotech. Very nicely made. Comes in 4 pieces, the hub and 3 blades. The only thing they could do better was centering the hole for the axle. I had to redo that on a lathe because it was not dead center.
I have ordered the Hamilton Standard stickers with Tower Hobbies in the US. They will be put on as they arrive.
Here is where I am now. May 2007.
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