General Equipment
This section shows you all the parts and items that do not fall in the other categories.
Like the pilot seats. Not altogether unimportant you could say. Very, very difficult to find. These came through friends of mine who sell DC-3 desks, Avionart.  These seats came from Israel. Probably from 2 different aircraft. One was white over baby-blue...? the other green. I took them apart and made them going again. All controls and sliders were stuck. But at least they were totally complete. They probably were out in the open for some time. After that I sprayed them black and weathered them so they look used again. I wanted black leather upholstery and so I bought a very used black sofa at a Salvation Army shop for about $ 10.00 . That gave me more then enough leather to upholster them. So far I only did the seats. The backrests are pretty complicated and I haven’t figured out yet how to do them.
Other equipment includes the Oxygen System, Magneto Switch, Lights, Load Adjuster, Check0list, Fire-extinguisher, Oygen System Chart