The C-47 I am building will have the same radio’s and comms equipment as in the war. There were 4 different kind of comms equipment.
First the Inter-phone. It was like an intercom. Housed at all 4 workstations, i.e.. Pilot, Co-pilot, Radio-operator and Navigator, the crew could communicate with each other, listen to the radio’s and broadcast as well. The inter-phone used was the RC-36. It had the following parts:
BC-347 Inter-phone Amplifier
BC-366 Jack Box, 1 at each crew station so 4 in total
SW 109 “lollypop” microphone at each station
a headset at each station. Those could vary in type
PE-86 Dynamotor to supply the power for the whole set
The Inter-phone set is complete. I only lack a couple of headphones.
BC-347 Amplifier with 2 BC-366 Jack Boxes                                                                       PE-86 Dynamotor
  SW-109 Microphone
Second was short range radio-traffic. The sets used were called Command Sets or SCR-274-N
These were made up of:
2 Transmitters. 25 Watts output on CW
3 Receivers  
Type: One BC-458-A Transmitter 5.3 - 7.0 Mc
           One BC-459-A Transmitter 7.0 - 9.1 Mc
Type: One BC-453-A  receiver  190  -  550  kc
           One BC-454-A  receiver 3000 - 6000 kc
           One BC-455-A  receiver 6000 - 9000 kc
DM-33-A Dynamotor for transmitter
DM-32-A Dynamotor for receiver
FT-226-A and FT-227-A mounting rack for transmitters
FT-220-A and FT-221-A mounting rack for receivers
BC-456-A Modulator Unit
FT-225-A Mounting for Modulator
BC-451-A Transmitter Control Box
FT-228-A Mounting for Control Box
BC-450-A Receiver Control Unit
BC-442-A Antenna Relay Unit
I-71-B   Antenna RF Ammeter
Still not complete but getting there:
BC-457 and BC-458 on the FT-226A rack, unmodified, good condition, missing two plugs
        BC-454 and BC-455 on the FT-220 rack, unmodified, fair to good condition, no dynamotors, all plugs present.
        BC-456 Modulator Unit. Came with the radio station, fair condition, all plugs present
        BC-451, Receiver Control Box, good condition all plugs present
                                                                                                                                       BC-442-A Antenna Relay Unit. Complete, good condition
Third is a system for long range communication. Used for aircraft-to-ground or aircraft-to-base communications. Called the Liaison set, SCR-287.
It had the following parts:

1 Transmitter on radio operator's table,
type: BC-375-D Transmitter -  200 kc 12,500 kc with seven tuning units. 40 to 75 watts output depending on which tuning unit is used.

1 Receiver on radio operator's table, type: BC-348-H receiver - 1,500 kc to 18,000 kc
TU-26     Tuning Unit       200 to     500 kc
TU-5B    Tuning Unit    1,500 to   3,000 kc
TU-6B    Tuning Unit    3,000 to   4,500 kc
TU-7B    Tuning Unit    4,500 to   6,200 kc
TU-8B    Tuning Unit    6,200 to   7,700 kc
TU-9B    Tuning Unit    7,700 to 10,000 kc
TU-10B  Tuning Unit  10,000 to 12,500 kc
CS-48 Storage Boxes for Tuning Units
PE-73-C Dynamotor Unit
J-47  Morse Key Unit
RL-42 Antenna Reel
MC-163 and F10 Antenna Fairlead and Trailing Antenna
BC-306 Antenna Tuning Unit
SCR-211-D Frequency Meter
BC-461 Antenna Reel Control Box
X41-B10A16 Antenna Switch

                                                    BC-357. Cabinet only. Outside complete, inside completely empty. Awaiting replacement
                            Tuning Units. Missing TU-26
                            BC-348-Q. Modified to 110 Volt, missing dynamotor. Slight modification to the front. Will be rectified.
                                                                                                                                       J-47 Morse Key
                            SCR-211, Frequency Meter. Good condition, missing canvas-bag.
Fourth are the electronic navigational aids. On this C-47 that consists of 2 systems:
Radio Compass Receiver SCR-269-C System, used for direction finding and cross-country navigation.
Type: One BC-433C receiver  (200 to 1750 Kc)
Two BC-434-A Remote Control Boxes
Three MC124 Flexible Shafts
One MC-203 Flexible Shaft T connector.
I-81-A Pilots Indicator
I-82-A Navigators Indicator
BK-22-A Relay Terminal Panel
LP-21-A Rotatable Loop Antenna
CD-365 Antenna Cord
BC-434-A Remote Control Box                                                                                     I-81-A Pilot’s Indicator
                                                                                                                                              MC-203 Flexible Shaft T Connector with a MC-124 flexible shaft
   I-82-A Navigator’s Indicator
and the second system is the Marker Beacon Equipment (RC-43-A Unit 5), used in making instrument landings.
1 BC-357-B Receiver (75 Mc/s)
1 Glide Slope indicator
1 Special Antenna for beacon receiver under fuselage
1 WC-358 Antenna Lead
   BC-357-J radio Receiver with mount and original cable                                                 Glide Slope Indicator on Instrument Panel
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