Other Cockpits
I am glad I am not the only one who is into this stuff. There are many more collectors around the world collecting and rebuilding aircraft of every sort. And there are museums that have cockpits on display and the odd commercial institution that rent them out. For the movie business for instance.
Below are pics of C-47 or DC-3 cockpits I have found.
                                                        Under restoration in a US Museum. Not sure which one.
                                                           Brenzett Museum, UK.
                                                        On display at RMARG
                                                        On display at RMARG
                                                        Chris Rudge of WARBIRDSITE.COM in New Zealand restored this beauty. ZK-AWO
                                                        Work continues on the inside of ZK-AWO
                                                        Work continues on the inside of ZK-AWO.
                                                        Science Museum, London, UK.
                                                            Very nice cockpit. Not original WWII but it comes close. Overhead panels are later.
                                                            Aces High in the UK has this cockpit for film work. Top is detachable
                         Looks like it still flies. Most of the equipment is postwar.
                                                            This one is in the UK. Undergoing restoration. My fuselage-section comes from this plane.
                                                            This one is in Holland. Also undergoing restoration. Will be all aluminum with KLM logo.
                                                                Aviation Megastore in Holland.
                                                                Work in progress
      Do you know any more?
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