Parts wanted
I am still looking for some parts, instruments and radio equipment. Here is my list. Anyone who has something on offer or maybe knows where I might find it, please email me at :
Description                                                                               Part #
C47 parts manual
flap indicator                                                                            2010135
manifold pressure selector valve with handle
red and green gear warning lights
both hydraulic pressure gauges (fitted on right hand side, white faces)    143491
escape hatch                                    
lower half of nose cone                                                          5006976-14
wing tips                                                                                5003503
forward hatch on underside (big one, just behind nose cone)            
manual de-ice pump
misc. interior parts (floor, bulkheads, hydraulic levers, etc.)
navigator/radio operator crew seat
insulation blanket material
left hand sliding window
both front opening windows, glass only
spline cables and connectors for SCR-274 radio’s
various connectors for BC-375, BC-348, RT-7/APN-1, BC-733
command set junction box
BC-461 Antenna reel control box
BC-306 Antenna tuner unit
“Cow horn” antenna on roof
map tube for navigator
fire axe leather pouch
main electrical junction box
navigator’s stool
hand held fire-extinghuisher
fuel system flow diagram
portable oxygen bottle plus mount
copilot’s junction box
windshield defroster hose (2)
flexible hand warmer hose (2)
defroster/hand warmer control valve (2)
suit heater rheostat Q1-B (3)
radio filter box (4)
spare lights box
DD Form 781
WWII maps
WWII celestial tables
emergency map kit
radi G file
radio facility and data charts
frequency charts for VHF/UHF and liaison
and anything else you might think of