There were various navigational instruments aboard the aircraft. Some belonged to the kit of the Navigator, some were on the plane. Below some of the items I have collected so far. The electronic navigation aids are covered on the communications page.
        Astro Compass. Located inside the Astrodome. Used to shoot stars and verify the correct heading. NOS with bakelite case
        B16 Compass with bakelite mount. Was hung between the front windows over the Instrument Panel. With wooden case and original black bungees.
        True altitude computer. Calculates using air temp and pressure.                        True Airspeed Computer. Calculates using air temp and pressure.
        Navigator’s instrument and pen holder. Was fixed to his table. NOS.
        Vector Plotting Machine. Not sure if it was used in the C-47. It could have been. But a nice machine it is. Beautifully crafted in its original box with all                                    
        accessories there. Will look great on a map.
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