The controls
Every airplane has about the same controls. A steering wheel or yoke or grip for the movement of the ailerons and horizontal rudders, rudder-pedals for the vertical rudder and controls for engine revs, propeller, and mixture. Of course there is a lot more but this section is about these.
As I said on the first page the throttle quadrant I got was beat up. After it was complete, I stripped it and took most of the rubbish out. I did not degrease the inside because that would mean losing the oh so important smell. There were 2 placards I could not find, one for the trim-wheel and one for the parking brake. These I made out of Litho plate using dieletters. I glued those on and they do look the business. I sprayed the whole thing semi-gloss black. After it dried I weathered it using steel-wool and plucking of some of the old layers of paint. I am going for the “used but well maintained” look.
Below are the pics before and after.
Before I acquired the nose with the yokes and steering columns still in I had already bought a set of yokes. These came from an Air Atlantique plane that was parted out. I was told it was G-AMRA, but I find that hard to believe because that plane is in Holland at the Aviodrome museum in Lelystad, Holland.
Anyway, these are very nice, must have been fondled for thousands of hours. These are in a little better condition than the ones in the cockpit so I will probably switch them.
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